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    Building dashboard

    Vinay Chandra Nagaraju

      Hi All,


      I have to develop the dashboard in Qlikview but I am very new to this application. So could you please provide me some suggestions.


      I have a raw report file using that I need to build the dashboard the main focus should be on the "Application Group" and Status" columns .


      1)The first thing that I am supposed to do is apply filter for the  Application Group column (Example - A, B , C, D, E , F===different types of application groups)

      2)Second I need display the percentage of Status




      How may are in Pending

      How many are in In progress

      and finally How many are in Completed.


      The challenge is I need to display in the table view then individual charts depending on the Application group column.


      Please let me know your suggestions to achieve this task.


      Thank You,