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    Filtering Dimension within the Accumulated Threshold is not working

      Hi Experts


      I have little Complex problem Please see below picCommunityPic.PNG

      Now i have following




      1. Colored rows are the Project and Customers who are above the Company Budget



      2. I need to hide the details of those who are above the budget (Colored Rows)



      3. And 2nd Requirement is ,For example when we filter US and UK the customers within the budget only should be filtered ( in this case total cumulative unit should be 4 (Sort by Rank (Descending)) )



      4. Sorting should be dynamic projects can be selected by sorting either by ranking or by probability (They must be sorted in descending order)



      5. Note : Total Cumulative Amount is compared against Budget


      Kindly help to Achieve this


      Thanks in advance