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    Resizing a straight table



      How can I resize the the table object when working in QlikSense? The problem that I have is that there are certain fields that contain more data than other fields, and I want to resize certain columns so that I can give more space to the fields that contain more data (e.g description) and limit the space that I give to fields that have very short data like numbers.

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Afaik it's not possible to resize individual columns of a table object in Qlik Sense. The sizing is done automagically.

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              Hi Gysbert,


              So there is no way to make the table fit my data fields? Because for some fields the sentences get cut off which is really bad for me. Are there other ways to display text from a data field rather than using a straight table?

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                  Ronny Wroblewski

                  Hi Yun


                  There is no possibility to adjust column width in QlikSense at the moment.

                  Table size (also column width) is changing dynamically in accordance which kind of screen (size) you use.




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                    Michael Tarallo

                    Hi Yun,


                    See attached video named sentence.mp4 - is your example functioning like you see in the video?


                    The responsive nature of Qlik Sense causes objects to resize themselves according to the resolution, form factor and/or device.


                    If you hover over the test - you will get a tool tip with the complete text:


                    If you require more assistance or are having different results, please provide screen captures and additional information, possibly sample data an app - if you can.


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                    Mike Tarallo


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                        HI Miichael,


                        Yes that is the behaviour that it was exhibiting. Just that I have 2 columns with text and the table decides to make one column wider than the other and the other column with the text is limited to a small space and can only be properly read with a mouse over. Is that how the resizing is done in Qlik Sense?




                        Also, I have 113 entries under a certain category, but the table is only showing 11 and I can't scroll down to see more rows of data, is that normal as well?

                        Sorry for the multiple edits, I fixed the second problem