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    SetAppProperties and full dynamic properties

    Alexander Gottwald



      according to the Engine-Api documentation full dynamic properties are supported for apps. This works well in Qlik Sense Desktop but not for the server.



        "handle": 1,
        "method": "SetAppProperties",
        "params": {
          "qProp": {
            "qTitle": "",
            "qLastReloadTime": "",
            "description" : "xxx",
            "grpTest" : "615"


      The request is supposed to set the description and the grpTest property of the app. In Qlik Sense Desktop the values areS written as expected. Even JSON objects and lists can be save to arbitrary property names.


      Using Qlik Sense Server the request is succesful but only description is updated. grpTest is not created at all. Updating the app using the repository services, selections and synthetics does not work either.


      Is there a different way to create properties with arbitrary names for an app on the server?