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    Qlik Sense on IOS 8.3

    Paddy Chan

      Hi all,


      I just updated my iPad to IOS 8.3 and found that I cannot connect to Qlik Sense Hub over https, it prompted Connection lost and when I pressed refresh, I can only see the circles. I had no problem in connecting to QMC or Qlik Demo site. I have also set to allow http, when I connect to hub using http (Port 80), it works fine.

      Does someone had idea what's wrong, is it my setting on Qlik Sense or certification problem?







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          Hi Paddy!


          I have the same problem and I have no idea.

          I cannot connect to qlik sense hub!


          Qlik Sense Hub :

          iOS: iPad 2 and above or iPhone 5 and above with latest iOS (Script editing not supported on tablet devices.)

          Apple Safari version 6.1 or higher