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    How to create a list to quickly select items in sequential order?

    Riccardo Centomo

      Hi everybody,

      I have a long list of items that belong to the families and other fields that i have previously filtered.

      The following picture show only a part of the list of items that i have obtain with the list box after selecting the families and other fields:




      Now the list of items is sort like i would and it's ready to select every single item for a detailed analysis, but if i select one the result in the list box is show in the next picture:





      This behavior came from the sort of the "state" of the list box. If i change it in numeric or text sort order the result is something that is not useful for select my list of item like in the picture n° 1, because the list is very wide.

      The purpose that i would to achieve is like the list box when it hasn't already any selection active. The list box is the only object in QlikView that show the value of the dimension also when it has active selection. This is helpful to make the sequential selection of the item but the list box order not help me in this way.

      The temporary solution that i have found is to export in excel the list box and then copy, one by one, the item (in the excel the order of the list don't change so i can follow the order of the items) and select it in QlikView.


      Someone know a right way to use only object in QlikView to select one by one the items following a sequence and a logical order?


      Thanks in advance to all those who contribute to the discussion.