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    Circular reference trap! Slowly Changing Dimension Type 2 and Snapshots

    Daiana Rossignol

      Hi everybody. I've been asked to develop an Academy model that includes:

      1. A Plan sheet that tells which job requires which course to be done with a certain frecuency. This Plan has snapshots because it can change through time

      2. A Staff db  which tells you which person has which job. This Staff has snapshots because it can change through time.

      3. An Attendance sheet that tells you which person attended which course on what date.

      My problem is that I have two slowly changing dimensions type 2, and I got stuck in a circular reference from which I can't escape!

      Additionally, if I match the snapshots I get information thats not aaditive, case in which i can't calculate KPIs involving duration of courses.


      Any help?