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    Connecting a key field in table A to two fields in table B

      Hello Everyone,


      I have a big issue. I have two tables.

      Table A where I have the user ID (user ID is the key field) and the ID name.


      And table B which provides information on tickets opened and in this table i have the field of:

      i) the user who created the ticket (Requestor)

      ii) the user who closed the ticket(user ID).

      Currently the key field is connected with the user who solved the ticket.


      Right now I need to build a bar chart where my Dimension is the 'ID name' and the number of tickets created by the users for the last 5 days.


      My expression is as follows:


      =Count({<Date={'>=$(=Date(Max(Date)-5))<=$(=Date(Max(Date)))'}>} Requestor)


      However, Qlikview is showing the good dimension but is counting the user ID(the user who closed the ticket).


      Could you please help.


      Many Thanks,