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    Possible wrong data lineage



      I have a task of representing data lineage in a custom app, hence I have some questions regarding Governance Dashboard data lineage files stored in QVX_LastRun and QVX_LastRun-folder folders.

      For me it seems like data from QVD_Historical\TableLineage.QVD or QVX_LastRun\QVDLineage.qvx shows wrong data lineage from time to time.

      Let me demonstrate the information found in TableLineage.QVD (just 4 columns to show source and target):


      From this picture it looks like D_EXCHANGE_RATES.QVD gets data from multiple QV tables (see LOADStatement). In reality it is only one of them, D_Exchange_Details, that populates the QVD-file.


      Here is script code from D:\QLIKVIEW\LIVE\SOURCEDOCUMENTS\DM0005\QVD_Load_DM0005_ProjectLog.qvw showing how D_EXCHANGE_RATES.QVD gets populated:

      AS Exchange_Rates_EUR_to_JPY,
      AS Exchange_Rates_EUR_to_USD,
      AS Exchange_Rates_JPY_to_EUR,
      AS Exchange_Rates_JPY_to_USD,
      AS Exchange_Rates_USD_to_EUR,
      AS Exchange_Rates_USD_to_JPY,
      AS Exchange_Rates_ID,
      AS Exchange_Rates_Ticket_Number,
      AS Exchange_Rates_Run_Number,
      AS Exchange_Rates_Process_Run_Number;
      SQL SELECT *

      STORE D_Exchange_Rates INTO $(vFolder_QVD)\D_EXCHANGE_RATES.QVD (QVD);
      DROP TABLE D_Exchange_Rates;

      Note that same lineage is shown in QVX_LastRun\QVDLineage.qvx.

      So, is the Governance Dashboard creating wrong lineage or should QVD_Historical\TableLineage.QVD or QVX_LastRun\QVDLineage.qvx

      be joined with with some other QVD/QVX files in order to produce correct information?


      Kind regards