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    Qlik Sense with Good Technologies Secure Browser

      I am fairly new to QlikSense.  We have a corporate intranet, and use Good Technologies for users' mobile device connectivity to network resources.  We're trying to determine if we can connect to QlikSense from the Good Secure Browser. 


      First, I am unable to connect to the QMC, hub or workbench.  I am prompted with a QlikSense login page (presumably since it can't use windows integrated authentication).  After supplying my network credentials (I'm setup as a root admin), I get a popup from the browser saying "This document is open in another tab.  To view or download it, go to the other tab", and can't get any further. I have no other tabs open in the Good browser.


      Next, I have successfully setup a separate IIS server on my intranet from which I've embedded QS mashups, per the guidance in the "EmbedQlikSenseIntoAnIISWebsite" document (plus some discussion on this forum).  When I try to access that from the Good browser, it can definitely connect and obtain the web ticket, but when redirecting to the locally hosted mashup, the page is rendered blank.  I assume this might be due to some lack of HTML5 support in Good, but where the problem lies, who knows.


      Has anyone had any success with QS via Good and can shed some light?  Yes we're aware we can access QlikView over Good, but we're interested in QS


      If Good is no good pun intended, has anyone with a similar corporate intranet/mobile device setup had success with a product other than Good?