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    What If scenario

    ria Desai

      I have attached my test qvw.

      I want similar kind of requirement in my actual file.


      I need a what if input box for days of transport pre,days of transport post (increments of 0.1 day)  for each fruits and it should affect the specific product only.


      for example:

      I select a product and then want to chnage all or only 1 fruit's days of transport pre values

      (these fruits to be chnaged should be only the associated fruits)


      fruit salsa has apple and fruit cocktail has apple. but if i select fruit salsa then the what if should chnage the value of apple days of transport pre value only. It shouldnt affect the fruit cocktail apple days of transport pre value.


      And No changes have to be done on the script.


      Ny help is appreciated