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    QlikView NPrinting 16 installation

    Melanie J

      I'm now trying to upgrade my current Nprinting ver15 (during Vizubi) to Nprinting ver16 (Qlik).


      During Nprinting ver15, when I installed the Client exe file, upon successful installation 2 icons appeared (Management Console & Nprinting Client).


      However now during the Nprinting ver16, only 1 icon appeared (QlikView Nprinting Designer) which I presume is the sames Nprnting Client.

      What happen to the Management Console?


      I don't have a Nprinting Server which means that I didn't download & install the QlikView Nprinting Server.


      Rather puzzled right now.  Please advise.





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          Oscar Belzares Moreno

          Hi Melanie


          Thanks for your question, I think the strange behavior was in the beginning where you should not get 2 icons when you just installed the Client exe file in the first place. Both icons belong to a two different products, meaning that if you install the client then you get only 1 icon "Nprinting Client" and then you need to install Nprinting Server in order to get the second Icon "Nprinting Management Console". In version 16 the behavior is the same as 15. I am assuming that Nprinting Server was installed anyway.


          You are welcome to contact Support for further investigation if needed.