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    Rank Periods

    Lucille Botha

      Morning all,


      I would like to calculate a rolling average over 6 periods. I have implemented a rangesum calculation that works well, but the problem is that if it is the first period, I would like to write an if statement that there is only one period and thus QV must only divide by 1 if it is the second period, it must divide by 2 and from 3 periods onwards it can divide by 3...


      The formula that I have implemented looks as follows:

      (sum(m1_total_revenue) + rangesum(above(sum(m1_total_revenue),1,1)) + rangesum(above(sum(m1_total_revenue),2,1)))/3


      and this is in a pivot table that has been set out per period..


      thank you for your assistance,