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    Date range in set analysis error

    Kristan Sears

      I have the the following expression that I'm trying to evaluate:


      =Avg( {$< Date = {">=$(=Max(AddMonths(vWeek1Start,0)))<=$(=Max(AddMonths(vWeek1Start-7,0)))"}, RangeDate >} Turbo_CDEVx_A )


      I have also tried an alternate expression:

      =Avg( {$< Date = {">=$(=vWeek1Start)<=$(=vWeek2Start)"} >} Turbo_CDEVx_A )



      I can't see to get either one of these to work properly.  The result gives me the average for ALL of the dates.


      I have 'vWeek1Start' defined as: =date(Today(), 'MM/DD/YYYY')

      'vWeek2Start' is defined as: =Date(vWeek1Start - 7, 'MM/DD/YYYY') 


      I'm trying to specify the date range between "today" and 7 days prior, inclusive.


      Thanks in advance,