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    Text and image objects

      Hi all,


      I need some data in object and image object. I have added sample .xls of the columns.


      In load script i am using the below code:


      LOAD `subject_id` as Order_selected,

          count(subject_status= "passed" && subject_status= "completed") as count_completed,

          count(subject_status= "incomplete") as count_incompleted  ;

      SQL SELECT `subject_id`,



      FROM rcdbrpt.subjectaccesstracking

      group by user_id ;



      What actually i need is :


      For example in .xls file i have a user id 18.

      1 .order_selected -----  i.e in subject_id user 18 as subject order 1,2,3,4.

      2. count of subject_status where subject_status= "passed" && subject_status= "completed" as count_completed

      3. count of subject_status where subject_status= "incomplete" as count_incompleted



      These data should be grouped according to user_ id.


      In filter pane if i select user_id = 18. the output should be:


      Course Selection Order           : 1,2,3,4

      Number Completed                 : 3

      Number Partially Completed     : 1



      Please help me to solve this.




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          Kaushik Solanki



          Here is the expression you should use in text box.


          ='Course Selection Order : ' & Concat(DISTINCT subject_id) & chr(10) & 'Number Completed : ' & count({<subject_status = {"Passed","Completed"}>}DISTINCT subject_id)& chr(10)

          & ' Partially Completed : ' & count({<subject_status = {"inComplete"}>}DISTINCT subject_id)& chr(10)



          Kaushik Solanki

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              Hi Kaushik Solanki,



              Everything looks fine except one thing. the selection order is not as in the database.


              for example: for id= 82


              Course Selection Order           : 1,4,3,2

              But it is displaying in the order : 1,2,3,4

              For all data it is displaying in the same order.

              Please help on this.



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                I found it the problem is i want to group it by user_id.  I'm not getting how to group it.


                the code i used.


                Concat(DISTINCT subject_id, '-', subject_access_track_id) & chr(10) &


                the order what i need is getting when i select the particular user_id,  but the problem is when i dint select any id,

                it is displaying all the values.


                Please help on it.