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    leasing licenses

    Ali Hijazi


      we are working on QV 11.2 sr5

      there is a user to which we are leasing QlikView license on 2 machines

      now we want to lease for this user a QV license on Citrix

      it seems that we can only lease license for a user for 2 clients maximum

      how can I remove immediately the old lease and make a new one on citrix for the above user?

      Please advise

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          Clever Anjos

          You have to wait 24 hours before leasing on a new machine


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            Bill Britt



            See if this helps.



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              A license lease is issued to QlikView Desktop. Both QlikView Desktop and the IE Plug-in communicate with the QlikView Server across this encrypted port. A license lease cannot be issued via the AJAX client. A successful license lease will remove the restrictions of QlikView Personal Edition ensuring users can open applications developed by others.

              License Lease is available on the following server editions:

              • QlikView Enterprise Server

              • QlikView Small Business Server

              If user is unable to lease a license there may be following possibilities-

              1. Check LEF file, if there is written as “TEST_EDITION; YES;;” then user won’t be  able to lease a license.
              2. A single user can lease up to two licenses to two separate workstations within a 24 hours period. An attempt to lease a third license in a 24 hours period will be revoked if the same User ID is used.
              3. User must have a NAMED CAL assigned to him/her to lease a license.
              4. QMC --> System --> License-->General-->”Allow license lease” & “Allow dynamic CAL assignment” should be enabled.