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    Bank account graph not OK

    Bart Heijne

      Hi All,


      I want to create a graph from my bank transactions over time

      Lets say my data within my database is:


      Bank account numberDateAmount


      When I calculate this on Bank account 11111111 the total amount on my account today is (+1000+400-300+600) = 1700 EUR

      and the amount on bank account 22222222 is (+2000 + 400) = 2400 EUR


      Now I want to generate a Line Graph with a line over time of my bank balance.

      So my dimensions are [Date] and [Bank account number] and my expression is SUM(Amount). And in the expression tab of my graph I set the bullet to 'Full Accumulation'. So far so good.


      Now I have 3 questions


      The graph is OK, but when I select 2015 (a master calendar is linked to my date), the graph says my balance is +600 on bank account 111111 and +400 on bank account 22222222. I understand why but the balance is not OK. It should also include all other transaction lines of the previous dates. The simple solution would be to change the expression to SUM({1} Amount).


      2. When I change the expression to SUM({1} Amount) I cannot zoom in to the graph of only 2015.

      3. Next to the 2 lines in my graph of the separate bank accounts, I also want to total line for both the bank accounts.  How do I do that?


      How can I fix these issues?

      note: this example is simplified. I have multiple bank accounts and thousands of lines in my database.