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    upgrading version 1.0.0 to 1.1.0



      I just went to investigate Qlik Sense Desktop and apparently I have an expired version (1.0.0) and it refuses to open.  So I duly download the latest version (1.1.0) and upon launching the .exe I am getting nothing happen after the Run prompt.


      I tried closing QlikView on the off chance that was causing an issue.  I have rebooted my machine also to no effect.  I then thought it might be wise to uninstall the older version.  As there is no uninstall option on the start menu I opened Control Panel Programs and Features. Neither the Uninstall or Change do anything to Qlik Sense Desktop.  This is immediately after a fresh boot up so nothing should be running.....


      I am confused and frustrated at te moment.  I am running Win 7 (64 bit).


      Do I really have to trawl through the system registry and file system to remove this software???  As fun as that sounds I hope there is another option.  Anybodies advice would be welcome.