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    To add a condition to a cyclic dimension value.

      I have a Cyclic group named Cyc_Grd_Skill_Level ..having Grade, Skill and Level columns in it. Using this Cyclic function as a dimension I need to view my measure - By Grade, By Skill and By Vertical.

      Now the issue is, "Vertical' is a value contained in my column named 'Level' . So in the chart, when I change the cyclic dimension to "By Level" , I want to display the measure only for those Level values which is 'Vertical'

      I tried giving an expression as one dimension inside the cyclic group like


      =(FN_LVL1 = 'Vertical')

      but then in the chart it shows two bars..one for those with level =vertical and another for those with level<> vertical [:P]

      Can anyone kindly help me to reframe the expression so that..on selecting that in the cyclic group..i'll get to see the measures only for those values of Level dimension when Level ='Vertical'