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    Excelappend macro on server

    Simon Brulotte


      I'm running QV11 SR5, users are on the AJAX client, and there are currently two other QV documents running macros on the same server where I am deploying mine.


      I have this sub running triggered by a button:


      Sub R_commentaire

        set v = ActiveDocument.Variables("ExportDir")

           ExportPath = v.GetContent.String

           ExcelAppend ExportPath &"\Commentaires.xlsx", "CH610" 

      End Sub



      Obviously works wonders on the desktop, but lights and sound are out on the server...

      I've read in many threads on the limitation of macros on servers, especially the AJAX client.

      But I was wondering if it had anything to do with the Excelappend function.


      Is there a way to work with this sub that could append:

      Sub ServerExportEx

      set v = ActiveDocument.Variables("ExportDir")

           ExportPath = v.GetContent.String

      Set st = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH610")

      st.ServerSideExportEx ExportPath & "\CH20export.skv" , ";" ,0

      End Sub


      I haven't actually got it to work either on the server, but if I get an answer that it's the only path, I'll pursue this option.



      I'm hoping for a response by mov, johnw, gwassenaar, swuehl, or rwunderlich