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    How can I exclude a value from a string?

    Larisa Filonova


      I'm using a Concat function for a certain task:

      Concat(DISTINCT Media, ', '). This function returns a set of currently selected media. E.g. TV, Press, Radio.


      My task is to exclude a certain value on a certain condition.


      I'll give an example:

      - Let's say there's a condition which is regulated by Var_A. If Var_A=1, then I want TV to be excluded from the output of the concat function.

      - Imagine that all three media have been selected by the user via a listbox: TV, Press, Radio. I can not clear a user-defined selection.

      - But if Var_A=1, then I need to exclude TV from the output of the Concat function, though it is selected via a listbox at the moment.


      In other words I need something like:

      if Var_A=1 then fulfill Concat(DISTINCT Media, ', ') but exclude 'TV'

      The underlined text is not QV-syntax.

      Can I convert it to QV-syntax?


      Thank you in advance,