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    Release CALL License If User is Idle for 20 or more Minutes?

    Shivendoo Kumar

      Hi Guys,


      I want to know that Is that possible to Taking CALL License back (Kill User session) If User is Idle for 20 or more Minutes?


      We have limited CALL License and IF users keep login and left It then It will be issue for other users as they will not be allowed to login.


      What I am looking for that If a user is idle for 20 minutes and more then take his/her CALL license. How can I do this setting? There is any Script which needs to run?


      Also I want to Know that On Accesspoint your are getting Logout in 1 minutes If they keep idle for minute. Is this Logout will release the CALL license from that user? or It is just ending the session?


      Experts please looking for your input.