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    Convert a transaction date to the first day of that month

      Hi everyone,


      Can anyone tell me how I can convert a transactional date to always the first day of that particular month?


      Some examples:

      • 25/05/2015 should now become 01/05/2015
      • 12/02/2014 should now become 01/12/2014


      The real date formation that I'm currently loading in QV is YYYYMMDD (e.g. 20150528)

      This is in the load script converted to DDMMYY (28052015) by means of the below but now I want the system to make a new date so that it will read 01052015


      (makedate(left(Trim([Invoice Date]),4),mid(trim([Invoice Date]),5,2), right(Trim([Invoice Date]),2))) as Date


      Any suggestions are welcome.