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    Qlik sense getObject Workbench API



      I am trying to get the object in mashup and disable the interactions. As per the workbench help, the getObject method in 1.1 has an optional parameter (object) which can be used to disable interactions. The text in help is as follows:


      app.getObject(elem, id, options)

      elemElement | String

      Optional HTML element.

      Since Qlik Sense version 1.1 it is also possible to define a string of the HTML element id.

      idStringObject id or 'CurrentSelections' if used for Selections bar.

      Optional. noInteractions true if you want to disable interaction in the visualization.

      This parameter was introduced in Qlik Sense version 1.1.

      I am using following code for disabling interactions:


      var app = qlik.openApp('eb71f4e7-7c4d-43cc-9969-e81e92fd1d37', config);

      var config1 = {noInteractions:"true"};

      //get objects -- inserted here --



      Despite above, I am still getting interactive object in Mashup.


      Request urgent help on this.