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    QlikView error while creating QVD file

      i have a view in my database (Oracle) and I use this view to export data to a QVD file. I use QlikView for exporting to this QVD via a QVW file, and I want to automatically run it 2 times every day.

      So I put it onto a server and I scheduled it to run 2 times every day. When I run the QVW script manually, it exports the correct QVD file. However, when it is scheduled, I have an error like this in the log file:


           Error: OLEDB read failed
           General Script Error
           Execution Failed
           Execution finished.


      i tried to run for each column (in my view) one by one. My problem is in the WHERE clause:

           select ...
           from ...
           where ...
           and ACTUAL_DATE  >= to_date(sysdate, 'dd.MM.YYYY hh24:mi:ss')

      I removed this "ACTUAL_DATE >= to_date(sysdate, 'dd.MM.YYYY hh24:mi:ss')" and it runs perfectly, but when I add this clause back, I get an error.

      What could I do to solve this?