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    Mountain chart with line


      I am searching for the correct visualization for my requirement. I have data where each skills having headcount(allocations) per month. Also i have capacity for those skills per month. Now I have to display this in graphical format.

      The requirement is to identify which skills are over allocated or under allocated so that the allocations can be adjusted.

      I would need a mountain chart of monthly headcount per skill overlapped with total capacity per month.

      Since I cannot have stacked mountain chart and line chart together I am limited with showing this in tabular format with some background coloring.

      Please note that I cannot make different expressions by skills because skills are dynamic per projects. Project is one more dimension which i have taken into consideration in dummy data.

      I am open to change the chart type like bar chart, line chart etc as long as the requirement is fulfilled.


      Sample application is attached.


      Thanks in advance,