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    Straight table help

      Hi All,


      I am creating a straight table in my qvw and it is an ad hoc report wherein a user can select any number of dimensions and metrics. The problem lies in the fact that my table gets elongated and goes out of the layout that we have designed in accordance to the aspect ratio of the iPad. Additionally, the scroll that we get on selecting those dimensions and metrics is applicable on the expressions' part only which limits the scroll functionality on the dimensions part. This will be a bottleneck, again, in case user selects many dimensions at a time.


      Any leads on this issue asap are appreciated!




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          Ruben Marin

          Hi Nikita, you can set the width of the table so it doesn't exceeds the layout designed.


          Problem are the dimensions, as you said that limits the scroll and can mess with the width, a workaround can be limit the dimensions that can be selected for this table, in the properties of the table --> general tab there is a 'Calculation condition'. There you can set something like:

          Count(Distinct DimensionField)<=5


          And in the 'Error Messages...' button of the same 'General' tab you can set the text that will be shown when the condition is evaluated as False.

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            yusuuf rawat

            Good day i have a solution

            Use the conditional show and hide to show only the expression and dimensions you need based on a user selction


            Implement as follows

            add these 2 lines code to your script

            SET HideSuffix=%;

            SET ShowDimension=if(SubStringCount(',' & GetFieldSelections([Dimension Name%], ',', 100) & ',', ',' & $1 & ',') > 0, True(), False());
            SET ShowExpression=if(SubStringCount(',' & GetFieldSelections([Expression Name%], ',', 100) & ',', ',' & $1 & ',') > 0, True(), False());

            Now create 2 tables one for your dimension names and other for your expression names as follows

            [Dimension Selector]:
            LOAD * Inline [
            Dimension Name%



            wateva else


            [Expression Selector]:
            LOAD * Inline [
            Expression Name%
            Server CPU
            Server Memory
            Server Storage Size


            Now add two list boxes , add field name as Dimension Name% for first listbox

            Expression Name% as the field chosen for the second listbox

            Now in your actual chart / straight table

            in the dimension tab click the "Enable conditional checkbox" and enter

            $(ShowDimension('Dimesnion field name here '))

            In the expression tab click the Conditional checkbox and enter

            $(ShowExpression('Expression name here'))

            Do this for each dimension and expression

            Now when the user selects a dimension or expression in the listbox they will appear in the straight table or dissapear  when not selected