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    amount of events under variable time

      Dear community,


      I have a problem in my dashboard I can't work out.

      I have a couple of events from which I have a beginning and an end time. End time - begin time = duration of the event. All of this I load in my load script.


      Now in my dashboard I want the user to insert a value into a variable $(DurationMinutes).


      Now the part I can't work out:

      I want a formula with which I calculate the number of events with a duration under or equal to $(DurationMinutes).

      I tried this already:

      =count ({<EventDuration = {"<=time(time#($(DurationMinutes),'m'), 'hh:mm:ss')"}>} EventDuration)

      But this isn't working

      When i change it in this:

      =count ({<EventDuration = {"<=$(time(time#($(DurationMinutes),'m'), 'hh:mm:ss'))"}>} EventDuration)

      It looks like he is counting all the events without taking selections in account (so selections won't work).


      Can anyone help me with this please?

      Thanks in advance!!