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    Conditional Show of columns in a pivot table at different levels

    Reshma Kala

      Hello all,


      I have a pivot table which expands 3 levels. I have three expressions which I need to show conditionally as I expand the hierarchy.



      My hierarchy:

      A-> B-> C


      When the hierarchy is not expanded initially, I need to show Expression 1 and when I drill to B from A, I need to hide Expression 1 and show Expression 2. When I drill from B to C, I need to hide Expression 2 and show Expression 3.


      I have tried setting conditional show for the dimensions and set the condition for expression as GetSelectedCount(A)>0 etc but my users want the whole tree structure and when I make selections the expressions relate only to the selections made,


      Is there any solution to this?



      Thank you in advance.