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    Server license change

    Pavol Hajastek




      I need to apply a new EVAL license key on the server, that is diffrent than current one. Will I lose all the existing setup, I mean document license allocation etc.?


      Thanks for your answer.

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          Hampus von Platen

          Hi Pavol,


          I been a long time since I don't that so I'm not sure the full impact on all setups. However, if you are going from a server without a publisher license, to one with a publisher license will you lose your previously setup tasks.

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            Shiva Reddy

            general license key is same..it won't change means "qlik tech won't provide different key every time when ever the licens is expired",if that is the case even if u applied the new license key it won't impact any of ur documents access to the users.


            as u said above,u are having different key..if so it will impact the users to access documents, as u know licen keys are linked with cals.