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    Issue with showing a record with the latest date in a chart

      I am trying to get the location of a Serial numbered stock item (SERIALNUMBER) in a table chart by looking for the record which has a status of "I" (STATUS)and looking for the latest date


      For example I have 2 records - the 1st with Location A on 1/8/2009 and the 2nd record with Location B on 30/4/2010.


      The result I would like to see is Location B with a date of 30/4/2010


      If I use AGGR & MAX functions as shown below, I get the correct date in the expression but the 1st record in the Dimension showing Location A


      aggr(max({$<STATUS = {'I'}>} DATE), SERIALNUMBER)



      If I use the FirstSortedValue function with a - Date, I get both records showing with the serial number in the expression


      FirstSortedValue ({$<STATUS = {'I'}>} SERIALNUMBER, - DATE)


      Any suggestions anyone?