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    Periodic refresh in the browser for 24/7 active app

    Allard Couwenberg

      Consider the following use-case: I have a Qlik Sense app that was specially designed to inform all employees about some crucial KPI's. This dashboard is shown on a screen in the coffeecorner. A special "demo-coffeecorner" user is logged-in in the HUB and watches this dashboard 24/7. A reload task is configured in the QMC to reload every hour.


      What would be a good solution to keep a dashboard visible forever and never time-out? So the app never times-out or looses connection (in case of time-out, reconfiguration, publishing a newer version, or any other unexpected reason for the HUB to loose the session).

      Periodically refresh this dashboard? Any functionality like this available from the QMC? We tried using a Chrome browser extension that can periodically refreshes, but it still requires occasional manual refresh.