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    Concatenate with a CrossTable?


      I'm very new to qlik, but my searches haven't helped, so here's my first question...


      I have a excel table with two qualifier fields in columns  A & B, then additional columns with same column headings setup time & run time for 10 total operations.


      What I want is to have the A& B columns repeated with each operation times as shown below - I thought I'd need a Cross table with concatenate?  The additional columns are named the same, how can I tell qlik that I want the concatenate to grab the 2nd, 3rd, etc columns?


      Date      Planned  Setup     Run

      8-1-14     450         5              30

      8-1-14     450       10              60

      8-2-14     0

      8-2-14     0

      8-3-14     0   

      8-3-14     0

      8-4-14     450          2               30

      8-4-14     450          5               60


      If I can get through this part, I'll want to loop this through several sheets with the same setup, if anyone has a suggestion for that as well.


      Thanks so much!