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    How to calculate the largest class value

    Dafnis X



      I would like to display dynamically the largest class value of a calculated dimension based on Class and a slider,

      in the Other label defined in the Dimension Limit tab.

      Is there a way to do it?



        • Re: How to calculate the largest class value
          Oleg Troyansky

          If I understand your question correctly - yes, you should be able to do it if you copy/paste the same calculated dimension formula (which must be using the AGGR() function) and enclose it in a MAX() or a MaxString() function.


          The only caveat is the alphabetic sorting of the result of the Class - the string 100 will be preceding the string 90. You may have to extract the numeric value of the lower (or higher) end of the range and force it into a numeric format in order to get a reliable maximum...