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    Text and image objects

      Hi all,


      I have attached a .qvf file.


      In the file i have sheet where it consists 2 objects data and value.


      In data object i have dimensions and in value object i have value related to that data.


      I have to display around 200 data in the sheet. the issue is as the data is more the scroll is appearing in the objects.


      so when i scrolled in one object the scroll of another object must scroll.



      Please check and help on it.

      Feel free to ask if you dint understand the question.




        • Re: Text and image objects
          Toni Kautto

          There is no native capability in Qlik Sense that will allow you to do the scrolling in two objects at the same time. I do not really understand the use case where you need to do this in two separate objects.


          For scrolling two parallel columns as you have described, you should look at using a table object instead.