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    Pivot table + complexe aggr expression


      I'm stuck on an expression since a while…

      I would like a table resuming: New customers invoiced and lost customers

      New customer invoiced = customers invoiced for the first time during the year, for a product's family or for a "under product family"

      Lost Client = Client invoiced past year but not the next year, per family under product family.

      I can get the expected results using a pivot table and hard coded expressions with values of the Years.

      But this is not at all practical ... very heavy in terms of expression and not really optimized...

      I would get the same thing but with years in dimension (to obtain real dynamic calculations…)

      I have added an example of QVW with:
      - A table that works but very inconvenient
      - A second table that doesn't work… ( with years in dimension)

      Thank you in advance !