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    is there a wildcard option to match files where the common field content is not always equal?

      Hi All,


      I am loading two files into Qlik one of which (File A) has around 25,000 records and the other (File B) has around 50,000 records. I need to be able to identify matched records and display data from each file in a table

      The matching data field names are:


      On File A - 'Contact Account'

      On File B - 'Contact Name'


      However, the names are not always exactly equal, so for example, on File A, the Contact Account may be 'Smith Laboratories', but there may be records for this Account on File B but the Contact Name field may be shown as 'Smith Labs' or 'Smith Laboratories UK', so there is no direct match.

      This means that if I set the Contact Name to load as Contact Account in the Data Load Editor, I am only matching and retrieving records where the name is identical on both files.

      Is there a way that I can use a wildcard or similar to search for and display records where the Contact Name is similar or contains the Contact Account either by setting an expression in the table or in the Data Load editor?