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    Sense in Google chrome

    Pavol Hajastek



      I would like to ask.. Any time I open Sense app in google chrome, black horizontal line appears in upper part of the app (see in picture bellow). Do you have any idea how to fix it, or what can couse this problem?



      Thanks for your answer.



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          Steve Dark

          That's not happening to me here, also running Chrome.




          Do you have any plug-ins installed that may be causing this?  What is putting the Hand and the Bar Chart on the icon bar next to Favourites?



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              Toni Kautto

              Steve's point about Chrome extensions is a good starting point to troubleshooting.


              Try accessing the app from an incognito window, as from my experience the extensions might not run in this mode. If this makes the app appear properly it would point towards the extensions.

              2015-06-07 09_46_03-.png 2015-06-07 09_47_24-New Tab.png

              Alternatively perhaps try on an other machine where chrome does not have the extensions installed. As a note the Qlik Sense desktop client uses the Chromium browser engine for rendering, so Chrome compatibility is be quite well tested.