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    Qlik Sense 2.0?

      Looking forward for the next version of Qlik Sense, 2.0.

      I see alot of companies planing showcase events next week. Does that mean that it will be released next week?

      mto can you share what features will be in 2.0, and what improvements will be added to the existing sets of features?

      Any of my ideas that will be implemented?New to Qlik Sense - Ideas


      I read there will be a PDF-export, will it include dimension cycling?

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          Toni Kautto

          The currently official communication is in the press release below, which will not answer your questions to detail. In our Visualize Your World events some sneak peeks have been given on the coming version, among things export capabilities will be available.


          A exact release date has not yet been disclosed, so I am afraid you will have to wait just a little more before getting answers to your questions. The release will be made available in June, and all details will be made available at that point in time.


          Qlik Introduces Qlik Sense Enterprise 2.0 | Qlik