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    Conditionally schedule task at QMC

    Agnivesh Kumar

      Hi all ,


      I have a situation , i want to schedule a task in QMC for every 3rd day of Month start , means id i got Saturday oe Sunday in my month start then it automatically change the date and start on start 3rd day .

      Can it be possible , i don't think so , if any body have any solution please tell me .

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          Ashfaq Mohammed



          I don't think there is an option.

          But yes bbt can shed some light on this if there is any such possibility.




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            Marcus Sommer

            I think it won't be possible to trigger such complex/conditional task directly within the qmc. But you could put a weekday-check at the beginning from the qvw-load and if condition don't match you finished the load with an "exit script;" statement.


            You could make such check also externally and start then this task per windows task or per per execute statement from another qvw which could be triggered from the qmc again. Here a simple example for a vbs-routine to return the current weekday:


            dim File, Weekday


            Path = "D:\"

            Weekday = left(formatdatetime(now(), 1), instr(formatdatetime(now(), 1), ",") - 1)


            set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

            set File = fso.OpenTextFile("D:\TaskWeekday.txt", 2, true)

            File.Write Weekday



            - Marcus