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    Problem with set analysis formula

      I have the following Set analysis formula which works as expected :

      =sum({<FromCurrency={'$(vCURR)'},Type = {'Forecast'},ForecastEntryPeriod={$(LastForecast)}>} GBPForecastRevenue *PeriodAverageRate)

      I am looking to add futther set analysis to the above command that will filter the returned data further so that only entries with a FYP field greater or Equal to the variable vFinanceYearPeriod are selected

      FYP={">= $(vFinanceYearPeriod)"}

      When I enter this as part of the formula

      =sum({<FromCurrency={'$(vCURR)'},Type = {'Forecast'},ForecastEntryPeriod={$(LastForecast)},FYP={">= $(vFinanceYearPeriod)"}>} GBPForecastRevenue *PeriodAverageRate)

      I keep getting an answer of 0. I have checked all of the variables and data individually and all appears OK. The issue only arises with this portion of the formula.

      Am I using the correct syntax for >= calculations ?

      ps the FYP and vFinanceYearPeriod fields are in the format yyyymmdd e.g. 20110506


      Any help is greatly appreciated.