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    Users unable to Login

    Fifi Nokoe

      Hello all,

      My company has created a Qlikview application for a particular client. Later, we were called and told that some users cannot log in. This is strange because at first everyone could log in. But now some can and some can't. What could be the cause of this and how can i resolve this?

      Thanks in advance


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          Andrew Whitfield

          Hi Fifi,


          What exactly do you mean by 'unable to logon'? are the users getting an error message? If so what's the error message? Is this when using the access ppoint etc etc?


          You need to get the users to supply more information.





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            Hampus von Platen

            Hi Fifi,


            The best way to start troubleshooting this is to look at the servers event and session log for clues. Make sure you know what user that are not able to log in and roughly about what time they tried (and failed). Also please check with the client if they changed anything (or if anything in your environment changed) between before when it worked and now (my guess is that they say nothing has changed independent if it has or not).


            Good luck!