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    Set Analysis - Using Custom Created Measures in Sense

      Good Morning Community,


      I have created a very simple "Order Fill Rate" measurement that will display the average fill rate of orders placed by a customer.

      • AVG ((SHIQTY / ORDQTY)) - I called this Measure "Order Fill Rate"
      • Nothing to complex, however this is a custom created Measure not data that is captured from my ERP connection.


      I have also created some unique set analysis that will show the sales for the current fiscal year, then break it down further to the fiscal quarter by combining period 1 thru 3 to represent the 1st Quarter.

      • Sum({$<FISYR = {$(=year(Today()))}, FISPER = {'01', '02', '03'}>} SASALES)
      • Calling this Measure - Fiscal Quarter 1


      What I am looking to do is use a formula that is similar to the Fiscal Quarter 1 field, instead of showing sales number I would like it to display the Order Fill Rate for the fist Fiscal Quarter. It is my hope that I can show a quarter over quarter improvement in performance to our customers and ultimately us this as part of my organizations score card.


      The key take away is that I need to display the results by current fiscal year and create the current fiscal quarter (information that does not come from my ERP system directly)


      Thank you