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    Send email through nPrinting from Qlikview application

    Nita Prasad

      Hi All,


      We have below requirement:

      Email PDF report to managers and salespaerson through nPrinting.


      req1: managers will receive 2 pddf report. One summary level and second one each sales person level report.

      e.g. Mgr1 will receive summary report. Summary report will display total sale done through his sales rep( Jay 1, Jay 2, jay 3)

      Detail report will show his sales rep performnace which can be retrieved from details tab.


      req 2: each salesperson will receive report for their performance only, and no other report.


      We are not using section access in qlikview report, how I can send such report through nPrinting. How I will configure parameters.


      Please note, We have huge amount of data in reality.


      Many thanks in advance.

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          Nita Prasad

          if anyone could please reply

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              Hampus von Platen

              Hi Nita,


              I might have missed something but you should be able to solve this with two reports and two distributions.


              Distribution 1:

              Report 1 - The summary level that only goes to the managers should be pretty straight forward and be filtered on the sales team field (or similar) and setup to be attached in send out.


              Report 2 - You create a report listing the individual sales persons numbers. You filter it based on sales team.


              Distribution 2:

              You should be able to use the report 2 but instead of filter on sales team instead filter and distribute based on the individual sales person.


              Its hard to give a much better insight and thought without more information.


              Good luck!

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                  Nita Prasad

                  Hi Hampus,


                  Thanks for your reply. May be I am unable to understand solution.

                  I have created desired report in qlikview for summary and individual report.But I am unable to decide what should be the approach to distribute report via email through nPrinting. Each manager should receive his summary report and his assignee report.

                  In nPrinting i see, three kinds of receipients available(correct me if i misunderstood nPrinting concept, as I am working very recently on this tool):

                  Recipients: Here i can hardcode email id. I do not see field can be put in here.

                  Recipient Import: Import recipient mail id through file or directory. I do not have such  files/directory.

                  Recipient Group: This is also not suitable for my requirement.

                  I want to use email_id field used in the qlikview report for this distribution. Hope I am able to clarify my issue. In case you need further clarification, please let me know.

                  Thanks and Regards,

                  Nita Prasad