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    Changing colours depending on variable's value

      Hello everyone,


      I got a problem with design. I want to change Text Object font colours dynamically:


      This is how I've set expression in Calculated option field for three colours:

      =IF($(vMarginDiff)<0 AND $(vMarginDiff)>=-3,


               IF($(vMarginDiff)>=0.0, RGB(131,165,61),RGB(210,29,19)))

      This expression is not changing colours of font (only if I use IF statement without ELSE it works, but its not enought at all)

      Variable is fine, it returns  the number of similar format like this 0,156946.

      Can it be done like this or I just want too much?


      here is the pic for better imagination (correct value of variable is in "Marže" box)


      THANK YOU!