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    Multiple joins in qlikview

      hi good day, i am very new to business intelligence such as qlikview. right now i doing a script that needs to join multiple tables, something like this:




      i know to construct it in SQL but not in qlikview so my question is?

      1. how can i join this tables in the script?is it possible?

      can someone teach me how, or atleast show some sample codes., anything will help thanks you very much

        • Re: Multiple joins in qlikview
          Massimo Grossi

          yes it possible

          I suggest to read this

          To Join or not to Join

          then if you still want to join all the tables:




          sql select * from VIOROF;

          // sql select .... if you read the data from a database


          inner join (VIOROF)

          sql select * from VICNCN;

          // you can see there is no where, the qlikview join is made using fields with the same name

          // if the join fields are different, rename


          inner join (VIOROF)

          sql select * from VICDCOND;

          // this is the 2nd join in your table


          inner join (VIOROF)




          you can find a lot of help about join (and load)

          - in QlikView online help

          - Preceding Load

          - LOAD data into QlikView