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    SAP Extractor connector - connection closed

    Daniel Weber

      Hi there,


      We were just setting up the SAP Extractor to a BW 7.31 environment, to load Cubes and ODS from a test and a live BW System.


      Both systems are identically setup as the SAP extractor connector manual describes.

      But still we face an issue by running the script with the connection to the live system. The same script works with an connection to the test system.


      After running the script to live system, we see the the QTQVCEXTRACT user in the sm50 collecting the data and the job running in SM37.

      At the same time on the Qlik-View side, we have an app-crash with the windows 2012 error message popup (QVconnect 11.20 SR9 has crashed). Processes in SAP keep running for several minutes until the connection lost is noticed.


      In the QvSAP connector error log we found following entries:


      2015-06-09 09:49:43 Received Meta Data, No of Fields: 7
      2015-06-09 09:49:43 Information from server: INFOMSG : Started job: REQU_QTQVCEXTR1_20150609094941

      2015-06-09 09:50:13 Err FAILED 8ZDSDEC Error: connection closed without message (CM_NO_DATA_RECEIVED)

      2015-06-09 09:50:15 Disconnected


      If we double check the connection in the SM59 with a connection test, we see that it is connected in test system but throws an unregistered programm error message in the live system:


      Error when opening the RFC connection (CPIC-CALL: 'ThSAPOCMINIT' : cmRc=2 thRc

      ERROR: program QTQVCEXTR1 not registered

      LOCATION: SAP-Gateway on host DZSAPBWSV11.geobra.net / sapgw13

      DETAIL: TP QTQVCEXTR1 not registered


      Actually we think, that normally the programm registeres itself by connecting to the live system, but something seems to be preventing it by doing so.


      On Qlikview side we have a successful connection test by setting up the connector and we also recieve meta-data as shown in the the above logfile, but as soon as it starts loading data, the application crashes.

      Has someone an idea what we are missing?


      Thanks for your help, much apprechiated!



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          Daniel Weber

          Some more Information from my side:


          We were trying to load a simple Z-Table from the Live system to check if the connection is working at all.

          So we setup a connection via the Sap-connector instead of the Sap-extractor-connector using the same extractor user as we did with the extractor connector.


          The table was successfully loaded from the BW-Live system. Another try with the extractor connector failed afterwards.


          We are using QVconnect 11.20 SR9 - do you think we should upgrade to SR11?


          Thanks and best regards


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            Hakan Ronningberg

            Hi Daniel,


            Please check the document QlikView Connector for SAP - Tips and Tricks which can be found in the starting page of 'Connector for SAP', under the heading: ERROR  registration of tp <program id> from host <external host> not allowed

            It might be the cause of the problem.

            Also check the Service log on the server where the Service is running, found in the same path as the connector log.




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                Daniel Weber

                Hi Hakan,


                thanks for your hint, but unfortunatelly it did not solve the issue.

                Our parameter gw/acl_mode is set to 0, which means the reg_info and sec_info file is not relevant because every programm is allowed to register.


                We also ran an CPIC Trace on our live system which gives us again the notification that the programm ist not registered:


                *  LOCATION    SAP-Gateway on host XXX / sapgw13
                *  ERROR       program QTQVCEXTR1 not registered
                *  TIME        Wed Jun 10 10:38:45 2015
                *  RELEASE     721
                *  COMPONENT   SAP-Gateway
                *  VERSION     2
                *  RC          679
                *  MODULE      gwr3cpic.c
                *  LINE        1972
                *  DETAIL      TP QTQVCEXTR1 not registered
                *  COUNTER     935464