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    Pivot table: Measure as percentage of total Row

    Leo Burroughes



      I'm fairly new to Qlik Sense, am still figuring stuff out. Have looked on the forums and this seems to be a recurrent problem, yet I don't see an answer to my specific question.


      I have the pivot table (see below) constructed for 2 columns (in or out of policy) across 2 years (2014 and 2015). I have also written the expression so that the data pulls from a specific category (called 'Air').


      Currently the count (or number of Air transactions) in or out of policy is expressed as a percentage of the total Air transactions across both years. What I want to do is to change the denominator in my expression so that it pulls as a percentage of the specific year it occurs in (as a percentage of the row total).




      Please see below for my expression script, have tried distinct years, have tried specifying [Year] = {2014,2015}. But all to no avail.


      (count({1<[TYPE] ={Air},distinct[Year]>}SPEND))


      (count(Total{1<distinct[Year],[TYPE] ={Air}>}SPEND))


      Any help would be much appreciated!

      Many thanks