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    Making expressions or expressions values bold in pivot table after pivoting table

    kiran ch

      Hi all,


      I had a strange requirement after converting a pivot table to horizontal(pivoting), i.e. The Dimensions labels should be bold as well as the measure(expression) labels should also be bold, after going through a little bit of R & D found a property for making them bold.


      bold requirement.png

      In the above after pivoting the pivot table I want to have the red ones in bold.


      1. The first set is the values of Year and Quarter

      2.  The measures demand, Cost , Share, spend, Spend% etc.


      For achieving the first I have used the following


      Dimension bold.png


      For making the measures bold, they are two ways( just before this discussion I came to know one)

      1. select the "grid" icon in the design tool bar of QV desktop and right click the column which you want to make bold.

          Measures bold 1.png

      You will get the above and select the option and follow the next screen.


      Measures bold 2.png




      2. If u dont find grid option , to get the "custom format cell" option in right click of a cell just like in 3 pic, goto

      settings -> user preferences -> Design tab and check "Always show Design Menu items" as below and after that repeat the steps as 3rd and 4th pics.



      measures bold option.png



      Kiran Kumar