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    Line Chart without Dimension

      Hey Everyone.



      I want to compare 2 different time periods in a chart using alternate states.


      So i compare week 23 of 2015 to week 23 of 2014 for example.


      So in State1 i have 7 data points and in State 2 i have 7 data points.


      I want these 2 lines of 7 data points to overlap so that you can see the actual difference.


      The problem that occurs is that the chart puts the lines next to eachother because of the Date Dimension:





      It would be pretty logical that the chart would do this.

      however i want them overlapping.


      if it were complete weeks every time we would do a comparisment it would be easy i would add days (Mon / Thu / Wed)

      But sometimes we want to compare Promotional periods of say 2 weeks, or 10 days.


      Can anyone help me manage this? is there a way to tell Qlikview that instead of the dimension Date just count the selected date points and use those?



      Kind Regards


      Mike Cleven.